Pumpkin Spice Lattes were officially released into the Universe this year on August 30th.

And while many Fall loving folks cheered, a fair amount of people felt like it was way too early.

While I personally think there is never a right time to release Pumpkin Spice Lattes because they taste like barf I am not a fan of the taste. I DO understand that certain joy comes with cooler weather, bright colored leaves, and charming pumpkin decor.

I love cozy sweaters, jeans, and knee-high boots, and covering up my messy hair with a cute slouchy beanie and throwing on a plaid shirt makes me feel trendy and fun rather than lazy.

In my mind, the right time for all of this Autumnal joy is mid-September, and even then, the changeable Wyoming weather may still be too hot for boots and cardigans...

So I thought I would as YOU what you thought, and I was honestly surprised at the variety of answers.

Here's When Wyomingites Say It's Okay To Begin Decorating For Fall

With Pumpkin spice Lattes releasing in August, we want to know...what do YOU say is the right time to begin decorating for Fall.

I guess the only thing Wyomingites can agree on is that we all disagree on the right time to put up our Fall decor.

I laughed at the answers that said there is never a good time (what's the Fall version of Bah Humbug).

And in the end, I agree with those that say to decorate whenever you want.

After all, who am I to take someone's gourd, pumpkin, burlap fabric, flannel, and fake leaf joy away?

Wyoming, Seen Through The Eyes Of A Locomotive Engineer

Alan Nash is a cartoonist, member SCBWI-Illustrator, Locomotive Engineer, and a sunrise and sunset chaser. You can find more of his work on his Twitter account @VernChronicles

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