When Santa left the North Pole, he probably wasn't expecting it to get colder as he flew over Wyoming. Down at the South Pole, Antarctica has actually been warmer than the Cowboy State this week.

Although there aren't any towns on Antarctica, there are several weather stations and research camps spread across the continent. The warmest temperature there this week was 39 degrees, recorded at the San Martin Base. It hasn't been that warm in Casper since December 20th.

The coldest temperature in Antarctica this week was recorded at the Vostok Station, which got down to -17. It was 17 below in Casper yesterday.

It's also windier in Wyoming. The strongest wind gust in Antarctica this week was 20 miles per hour at the Neumayer-Station III. Here in the Cowboy State, 20 mph wind gusts are considered a gentle breeze.

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