Wyoming and Colorado are geographically neighbors, but each have a dialect all to themselves. Check out some of our favorite examples!

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    Wyoming - One that has grown up in the state, was raised in a small town, and prides themselves on small town values.

    Colorado - Growing your own marijuana at home.

  • 2


    Colorado - When there are major roadway delays, vehicle congestion, and accidents.

    Wyoming - When two semi's are hogging both the left and right lanes.

  • 3


    Colorado -  When there are hundreds of people in front of you, creating a wait that can take hours.

    Wyoming - When there's 3 or 4 people before you and you're there for more than 10 minutes.

  • 4


    Colorado - When one jabs or prods at you.

    Wyoming - The one and only college football team in the state, or a slang term for an old cowboy.

  • 5


    Colorado - When a major music artist plays a venue that seats thousands of people.

    Wyoming - When your uncle, cousin, and neighbor break out their guitars in the backyard.

  • 6


    Wyoming - Growing barley, wheat, beans, corn, etc.

    Colorado - Likely marijuana related