The website recently published an article ranking America's "Most Impressive Drunken Feats." One of the stories comes from right here in the Cowboy State.

Derived from a Reddit poll which asked people to name the most impressive thing they've ever done while drunk, it includes a wild Wyoming tale from a college student in Laramie, identified as "Wrangler04."

"I left a party drunk in college to walk to Wendy's to get something to eat. I was black out drunk, and came to when I was walking through a field. I had no idea where I was, I was cut up and bloody, and my clothes were torn. It turns out I left my jacket at the party, I walked three miles out of town and crossed through a few barbed wire fences in the dead of winter in Laramie, Wyoming. I did not freeze to death, that was impressive."

Impressive indeed.