If you're single, and you hope the new year brings you a wonderful relationship, you should not worry that it won't - if it's still not yet time. Of course, like some Wyomingites don’t want more people moving into our state, some are just fine with no new person in their lives. Maybe both know what's best for themselves.

A friend once told me she prefers her relationship with her horse over the last guy she dated. (Not that all of us in Wyoming own a horse, of course.)

Have you ever heard it's a sign that you really do want a relationship if lately you've been talking to yourself? The theory is that means you'd really rather be talking to someone you love, if only you knew who that is. Okay I'll be honest. If you've never heard that, it's because I just made it up, but I like the idea. I say you should be glad if you've started finally talking to yourself again.

Is it a bad sign if the couple who tries to set you up is the couple who has a miserable relationship, themselves? Do they just want you to join in on the misery? And how is it we're so quick to recognize who's relationship is miserable? I have a theory on that too - that if we still focus on what's miserable, we may still need to wait a while.

I recently read: Things Couples Should Never Say To Single People. You might relate to it, yourself, if no amount of pressure is going to make you dive into another relationship with someone you just don’t know. Not that you've ever made that mistake. (God knows I never will - again - but I digress.)

Everyone has times when they just enjoy their career, and an occasional big success, until realizing they have no one to share it with. Everyone understands that too, but when that happens, you can snap out of it by remembering you won’t enjoy anything with the wrong person.

In short, if you believe it's all in God's time, relax. Years ago I stopped my old habit of getting into relationships before God's timing for me. Girls, do not date the young me. If you do find someone you really believe in, though, never let your faith in him waver! (Cowboys, because cowgirls can tend to doubt like that, is exactly why we're told to just love our women.)

For the single, this is in no way is a suggestion to not use dating apps. Just know what those are full of – people who lie about who they really are.

There's a lot of comedy in relationships, and I don't write any of this just for cheap laughs. What most kills us laughing is exactly what once just killed us. If you're able to laugh again, maybe you're a candidate to try again in 2017.

Many of your New Years started with the hope for this to be the year. I'm talking about a relationship; not being a Cub fan. Hey! If they could finally win it all... Seriously, if this really is the year you'll be sure of who you'll spend the rest of your New Year's Eves with, or if it's not, I just want to tell you that you don't need to worry. In real love, there is no worry.

Just have a truly happy year.

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