The most recent of Jackson Hole celebrity transports, Kanye West recently held a listening party for his new album, and to mark the occasion, he released limited edition merchandise styled after Wyoming. Bright, neon colors and a very "handmade" look to them, they definitely catch one's eye. Not particularly my style, but I get it. He was able to sell $500k in Wyoming Merchandise in 30 minutes, however, which is quite the feat. That's just about one dollar for every single Wyoming resident.

However, we have Wyoming clothiers that definitely deserve that success, with products that won't gouge your eyes out with their '80s color aesthetic and complete lack of awareness for what makes Wyoming great. Check out these great clothes oozing with Wyoming Pride. And, Bonus! They won't cost you $145 - $300 to take home.

I want to own all of them. ALL OF THEM. In particular, River Trash has announced they will be offering female cut tank tops as of next week, so expect to see me sporting a lot of Wyoming Pride and a bit of profanity very soon. Keep it local, support Wyoming businesses before throwing an exorbitant amount of money at a famous rapper who thinks Wyoming is kitsch.

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