With the 4th of July fast approaching and the swell of pride felt for the U.S. Soccer team and their successes in the World Cup, the question was posed, Which state is the most Patriotic?

The folks at Movado Real Estate took on the task of finding the most patriotic state in the nation.  The criteria set included National Historic landmarks per capita, veterans per capita, money spent to fund veterans, percent of residents that voted in the last Presidential election, people who Google for American flags and people who list America as an interest on Facebook. With all of these factors taken into account, the top five includes Wyoming as #4. North and South Carolina along with Maine and Virginia round out the top 5.

In the description of Wyoming and what elevated the Cowboy State to number 4, a couple of things stood out,

It’s you’re looking for a little history and a love of the nation, look no further than Wyoming. With over 25 percent of the nation liking the United States on Facebook and the second highest number of national historic monuments per capita, Wyoming might be the Equality State, but it’s still better than most other states in the way of national pride.

So celebrate Wyoming, celebrate America and know that your efforts are recognized.