Wyoming Game and Fish Department has a new interactive Walk-in Hunt Area map for hunters. “The online tool is similar to the Game and Fish Hunt Planner and has information on all Walk-In Areas available for sportsperson use this fall.

Walk-in Hunting is part of Access Yes, a program that works with landowners to create access to hunting and fishing on private land. It's supported through donations from sportsmen and women, conservation organizations, and all wildlife enthusiasts, that pay for access easements. Every $1 donated to Access Yes, provides about 3.5 acres for public access for a year.

Hunters using the map can locate Walk-In Hunting areas three ways: by clicking on the individual Walk-In Hunting areas location on the map, looking up areas by county, or sorting by species to hunt. The map shows the location of the Walk-In Hunting area and functions like a GPS--showing boundaries and topography.

Maps, which are also accessible through smartphones, can be downloaded and used offline.

Check it out HERE

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