On Tuesday, April,19th, The Wyoming Homeland Security Training Program will present AWR-160 Standard Authorized Training at the Parkway Plaza.

The (SAT) training is recommended for Law Enforcement, Emergency Medical Service, Emergency Management, Fire Service, Hazardous Materials, Public Works, Governmental Administrative, Public Safety Communications, Healthcare, Public Health, and Federal, State, Local, and Tribal Agencies.

The (SAT) is an eight hour, one day training session. Discussions, case studies and other activities are part of the itinerary.

The course will cover a range or areas, including Prevention and Deterrence, Identification of Hazardous Materials and the ERG, Chemical Agents, Biological Agents, Radiological Materials and Nuclear Weapons, and Explosive Devices.

There are some requirements to be eligible to attend, the (SAT) participants must have successfully completed the following: IS-100.b Introduction to the Incident Command System or any of the available ICS-100 series; and IS-700.a National Incident Management System (NIMS), An Introduction.