The Wyoming Highway Patrol is using a new social media campaign to deter motorists from driving drunk over the New Year's weekend.

Sergeant David Wagener says troopers will be posting up-to-date DUI arrests and other safety related traffic stops from around the state on Facebook and Twitter using the hashtag #DoNotGetHashtaggedByWHP.

"We just wanted to try something different this year in an attempt to kind of educate folks on the downfalls impaired driving can have," said Wagener. "Hopefully if the word gets out about this, then maybe it'll encourage some folks to designate a sober driver so they don't get stopped by us and end up getting arrested for DUI."

Wagener says the hashtag campaign will also give social media viewers an opportunity to get a better picture of what troopers, dispatchers and port of entry officers do on a daily basis.

"Our troopers around the state will also be utilizing federal grant DUI enforcement overtime throughout the weekend," said Wagener. "There's also a Regional DUI Task Force going on in Cheyenne with Cheyenne area law enforcement. They're going to have the mobile DUI command vehicle out and available during that task force just to make it a little bit easier to process some of the impaired drivers that are arrested."

Wagener says if you are going to celebrate this weekend, make sure you do so responsibly.

"Designate a sober driver, make sure you're always buckled up and have a safe New Year," said Wagener.