Google has become a staple for everything we do these days.  Google searches have replaced the days of not knowing just about anything, or having to open an encyclopedia. If you don't know what an encyclopedia is, google it! 

I'm not sure what we'd do these days without Google to guide the way.

But the draw back is that Google tracks everything we search for and purchase from the internet.  Well maybe not a draw back, because there is a lot of entertainment in seeing what kind of weird things we search for while surfing the net.

Wyoming is not nearly as weird as our neighbors when it comes to shopping online.  For instance, South Dakota searched for Exploding Kittens.  Yes, you read that right.

Colorado spent a lot of time looking for that "Borat Mankini" that is so disturbing to see.  Our northern friends in Montana searched for Composting Toilets and Idaho searched for Shamwows, so I'm guessing Idaho is trying to clean up their act.  (Man, I crack myself up!)

Wyoming seems pretty normal compared to our neighbors.  Well if you consider gun loving ammo searches normal?  Wyoming spent more time searching for Bulk Ammo to purchase than anything else.  Which when you think about it, seems about right for the Cowboy State.  Wyoming has three times as many guns per capita than any other state in the union.  Washington DC is the only place with more guns than we have here in Wyoming.

Wyoming also searched for - Fishing Poles, First Aid Kits, AK-47, Bulletproof Vest, Long Underwear, Gun Safes, Bowflex, Turducken's and Fabletics (that's Kate Hudson's workout clothing line).  So it appears we're preparing to hold up for awhile when the zombie apocalypse begins and we'll be eating well, getting fit and armed to the teeth! has compiled a list of all product searches and some are hilarious, some are freaky, and some are down right scary.  Yes, I'm talking about you Kentucky!  Kentucky searched for Syringes more than any other weird product.


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