When it comes to carving a pumpkin, I've never been all that creative. When I was younger and did the pumpkin thing, I liked cleaning out the pumpkin guts more than actually doing the carving. Today, the pumpkin carving competition is really tough with the option of using special tools and templates.

The thought of carving the pumpkin is actually more appealing to me than the actual carving itself. Finding the patients to spend too much time on them was always tough. If you've waited to carve your pumpkins and are looking for cool ideas Wyoming Game & Fish have templates for you to use.

One of the many great things that WGFD does is keeping the kids involved. Offering activities and events all year long, from fishing days spring/summer, youth hunts in the early fall and pumpkin carving options in the late fall for the kids that love the outdoors and wildlife.

Game & Fish's templates aren't so much ghouls, goblins and other scary creatures, they're actually cool wildlife-themed. The options are howling wolf, owl, bear paw, trout, bass and bat. Just click on the one you want, then print it off and away you go. These will all look great with the flickering light of a candle shining through while sitting on your front porch.

Game and fish pumpkin

After finding these options, I like the idea of waiting until later in October to carve the pumpkins. Since they're not totally Halloween themed and more spooky "fall" themed, you could have them out well into November.

If you're like me and not very good at the carving, here's a video of tips & tricks to pull off a great pumpkin carving experience.

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Let's have a look at some of what is on display.

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