Facial hair is more than a fashion trend. Here in the Cowboy State, the beard fad is booming and the folks at 307 Beards have turned men's grooming into a growing business.

The idea started when Allen Maltbie had difficulty finding products for his beard. In his words, "my beard looked really bad". After searching for balms and conditioners, he noticed that most of the products on the market were either ineffective or too expensive.

Allen's frustration came to a head one day while vacationing in Jackson. After purchasing an expensive product that "smelled like fruit loops", he decided to make his own. He liked it so much that he shared his product with a few friends.

Encouraged by his wife Leah, Maltbie decided to turn his hobby into a business. Amazingly, his first batch sold out in three days. Eventually, his hobby lead to the launch of 307 Beards in June of 2015.

The Riverton based company now produces several varieties of balms and oils available online and in several retail outlets across the state. They've partnered with local groups including the Bearded Sinners Beard Club of Wyoming to promote local charity events.

Recently, they began work on a line of custom balms and oils that will allow consumers and retailers to create their own unique mixes and fragrances.

Want to learn more about Wyoming's fastest growing beard business? Check out the 307 Beards Facebook page or visit their website.