Teachable moment here for anyone that underestimates what an eagle is capable of. A Wyoming driver today shared video of one of these massive birds trying to take down a pronghorn.

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Note: there's nothing terribly graphic about what you're about to see, but have no doubt what's going on here. This is nature in action and that young pronghorn is in the crosshairs of an eagle determined to make it dinner.

My wife is a huge fan of eagles and finds them fascinating, but even she was a bit surprised to see an eagle taking on a pronghorn. A to Z Animals lists all the things that eagles view as dinner. The list includes antelopes and any other mammal small enough for them to get their talons around.

The person who shared the video doesn't mention how the confrontation between eagle and pronghorn ended. Entirely possible that the antelope was able to use its speed to throw the bird off. However, I wouldn't count on that. Few birds are as tenacious as eagles.

It's Wyoming nature being nature.

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