Wedding's are big business! A couple heading down the isle can easily rack up thousands of dollars in expenses on their way to matrimonial bliss. But one Wyoming couple decided to make their wedding an experience that proves their devotion to one another and not to public expectation. Instead of a big wedding watch as this couple make the trip to their wedding the elaborate part of their big day.

To get to their own wedding they had to bicycle 14 miles, hike another 24, and then climbed 1200 feet up a cliff face to the top of Pingora Peak, nearly 12,000 feet above sea level. There, in front of an officiant and a cameraman, they tied the knot.

But wait, instead of a limo or helicopter to whisk them away for their honeymoon - they had to do the entire trek in reverse - to get back home.  Their wedding trek lasted 45 hours from start to finish.

Tying The Knot from Kyle Duba on Vimeo.