Last month, we published a story about "Wyo Problems", featuring funny complaints from people here in the Cowboy State. This weekend, I experienced one of those Wyo problems first hand.

The warm winter has resulted in a large population of bunny rabbits hopping around my neighborhood. On Friday night, I heard a blood-curdling scream come from the basement.

My better half had discovered a severed rabbit head in the guest room downstairs. Turns out, our dog Fred is a merciless rabbit murderer.

Fred isn't a picky eater. He regularly begs for table scraps and has even been known to eat dirty underwear. Now, he's developed a thirst for blood.

Of course, as the man of the house, I bravely volunteered to dispose of the severed rabbit head. Unfortunately, I still haven't found the rest of its body. Which means that Fred either ate it or it's buried somewhere in the backyard. Either way, his habit of licking us has been more repulsive this week ever before.