The Wyoming Lottery has netted 6.5 million in sales since August and now is investing in new games. Players have won close to a million dollars total in just 4 1/2 months.

Pretty good odds with 446 retailers in the Cowboy State with their new in-state game, you could win $250,000. That's one of the new games coming to the WYO Lottery as soon as next month. Although players have participated and loved the POWERBALL and MEGA MILLIONS, they are primed to win in the in-state only games, due to better odds of drawing a winning ticket.

When the lottery in Wyoming was created in 2013, instant gratification games were outlawed. Scratch card games, due to the chance of gaming addiction from lawmakers. So the lottery is working on a Pick 3 game and one called ALL OR NOTHING. Lottery peeps say due to the small population of the state, they have to constantly refine with information from the retailers, focus groups and more to keep the fire burning.