So here's the scenario: you're dating a hot girl who's funny, smart, sweet and has the most rocking body ever. But she's a Butterphone. Do you still date her?

That's what the folks at CollegeHumor ask with this hilarious video. A few of Owen's buddies come up to him and ask him to dish about the chick he's been seeing, Christine. He admits that they've been hanging out quite a bit, but he says that she's a Butterphone, meaning that she is pretty hot, but her phone is not.

His one dude friend takes the high road and says that even though her phone might not be all that fancy and up-to-date, it doesn't mean she "can't have a hot ass or slammin' fun bags."

Owen retorts by showing them the green bubbles on his iPhone's texts, which reveal that she doesn't have an iPhone as well. His one lady friend suggests she might just have an Android phone, but he debunked that by telling them of how he wanted to meet up at a bar and she had to text him to ask where it was. Whew.

Christine doesn't help her case at all by whipping out her nearly-obsolete flip phone and attaching an antenna to it. But Owen works through this difficulty by seeing her for the hottie that she is and then putting a bag over her phone so that he can continue to stand the sight of her.

So how about you guys? Would you care what kind of phone your girl rocked, even if it was an old piece of crap?