Hypothetically, if a Zombie Apocalypse were to take place tomorrow, would you be prepared? Well, according to a study that analyzed the likelihood of survival for each state, you might be more prepared to survive just for living in the Cowboy State.

The study took factors into account such as people per square mile, gun owners per capita, percentage of the population that is physically active, and some wild cards like the percentage of dead cremated instead of buried (so they can't rise from the dead, if this is a Romero-style apocalypse.)

Wyoming came in as the fourth most likely to survive out of all fifty states, with only Alaska, Idaho, and Montana being ranked above it. It looks as though Wyoming was beat out regarding physical activeness by the aforementioned states, so maybe if the zombie apocalypse is looking likely, we should all hit the gym a little more.

After all, wasn't that one of the rules in Zombieland? Cardio.


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