We've all been in a situation where we had to do a job we absolutely hated. Maybe the boss was a jerk, maybe it was tedious work, maybe you just didn't like what you did.

According to The Street, these are the worst 10 jobs in America in 2014:

#10 Corrections Officer

#9 Firefighter (Really? Seems stressful, but admirable!)

#8 Garbage Collector

#7 Flight Attendant 

#6 Head Cook

#5 Broadcaster (OUCH! I disagree) 

#4 Taxi Driver

#3 Enlisted Military Personnel (Again, beyond admirable)

#2 Newspaper Reporter

#1 Lumberjack (But, at least you get a sweet beard) 

Just about everyone has had to sacrifice their employment happiness to survive, climb the ladder, etc. Tell us on Facebook what your worst job ever was!