It appears a controversy over a yearbook photo of an openly gay student at Worland High School has been resolved. Eighteen-year-old Matt Jolley’s photo of the Senior holding a gay pride flag was initially rejected for publication in the yearbook, after school officials claimed it was “political.”

On Tuesday, school officials issued a press release indicating the photo would be included in the yearbook. Washakie County School District No. 1 Superintendent David Nicholas said, in a statement, that administrators reviewed the issue, and would allow the photo in the publication. In the statement, Nicholas said

this District has determined that the student request to have a gay pride flag in his/her senior picture will not disrupt school processes and will be allowed.”

Nicholas added that the decision was made after a “review of policy and consultation with legal counsel.”

The controversy sparked Jolley to organize a petition on asking the public to urge school officials to allow the photo.