Casper police officers say they arrested a woman Wednesday evening at a local motel after she was found passed-out drunk in a room with three children whose needs were reportedly not being met.

Skylynne Lucilla LaJeunesse, 24, was booked into the Natrona County Detention Center on three recommended charges of child endangerment. She will likely make her initial court appearance at 2 p.m. Thursday.

According to an affidavit, two officers responded to the motel on East A Street at roughly 8 p.m. after someone called police and reported that methamphetamine use might have been occurring in LaJeunesse's room.

A five-year-old girl opened the door. When the officers asked her to get her mother, the girl said her mother was asleep and she could not wake her.

Officers entered the motel room and found LaJeunesse slumped over a table. Her breathing was erratic and she was drooling from her mouth, so the officers called for an ambulance and moved her to the floor so that CPR could be performed if necessary.

No drugs or drug paraphernalia were immediately found in the room, but a mostly empty 1.75-liter bottle of rum was located on the floor near where LaJeunesse had been seated.

LaJeunesse regained consciousness after about 30 seconds on the floor. A portable breath test showed her blood-alcohol concentration to be .251, which would have been over three times the legal limit to drive.

Two other children, both younger than three years old, were in the apartment. The floor was "Littered with crushed potato chips and empty Dr. Pepper cans," according to the affidavit, and one of the children was crawling around without pants or a diaper on a blanket that appeared to be soaked with the boy's urine.

LaJuenesse refused medical attention. A number of blue spots police believed to be bruises were found on at least one of the children. The marks were photographed, and LaJuenesse told police that they were birthmarks.

Police noted that there was little to no food in the motel room refrigerator, and no drinks were available for the children. One child ran to several of the empty Dr. Pepper cans on the floor and tried to drink from them.

The Wyoming Department of Family Services was asked to respond. All three children were taken into protective custody.

When LaJuenesse was asked if she had a diaper for one of the children, she told police that she didn't have any diapers. The five-year-old girl overheard the question and said that a "bag" could be used, and they had been using a bag for one of the children.

LaJuenesse said a "cloth" would have to be used, because that's what she'd been using for the child. No diapers were ever found in the motel room. Police also did not find any clean clothing for the children.

The condition of the bathroom indicated to officers that the children had not received assistance when they needed to use the toilet.

LaJuenesse was taken to jail.