This is Craven Morehead, Vice President and General Manager of Rock 96.7.   Recently, I made a few “minor” errors with the station budget – by “accidentally” getting a little cash mixed up in the station account from my, er, “entrepreneurial” ventures down at the new massage parlor.  So, now, I’ve got to empty the bank of all the cash before the company accountants get wise.  So, why should you care that I might be going off to get pounded in some federal prison here soon?  Because you have a chance to win your share of my $58,000 screw-up.  Listen for me, Craven Morehead to tell you to call in – and if you’re the 25th in at 1-877-854-WINS, you could win a grand every weekday, and ten grand on Thursdays.

Don't want to risk missing your chance to call? Don't worry, you can enter to win $10,000 online, too!

From Wyoming Auto Group on CY – Drive Off To A Fresh Start.