Do Wyoming’s Bronco fans expect Denver in the playoffs? Emanuel Sanders seemed almost too excited to be in the end zone after last Sunday’s touchdown at Tennessee. If the offense can’t get in the end zone, can it get into the playoffs?

At Tennessee, Emanuel Sanders took a pitching stance, wound up, and hurled his fastball. (And that got an “official” stance as well.) See tweets below.

The Broncos are not exactly in first place at 8-5, and now they face these last three teams: The Patriots, The Chiefs (IN KC), and The Raiders.

So, here’s the question for fans in Broncos Country Wyoming Division.

Does Denver get into the playoffs?

No. 51.85 Percent

Yes, but I don't expect we get very far. 40.74 Percent

Yes, we'll pick up more steam each week, peaking in the Super Bowl. 7.41 Percent

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