Some say drones don't pull the triggers, they only help scout. Well, whichever side you're on in this debate, using air tech in any part of hunting in Wyoming is illegal.

A blog on reads, "There are hunting purists ... opposed to drones, who feel the robots could give some hunters an unfair advantage. If someone could afford it, what’s to stop (one from) buying a whole fleet?”

Those who've learned every facet of stalking game just feel there's no place for tech in the whole game of hunting. I bet it makes you wonder if when hunters only had sling shots, would one of today's high powered rifles have been called, "unfair". Then again, maybe not if you could sling stones like David. Yes, I digress.

So that's enough debate. Here's the law. On there's a story on things we do daily in Wyoming that could lead to a fine or jail time. One was about hunting with drones. "In Wyoming, the use of aircraft, piloted or not, even in just scouting for game, has been banned. It goes against 'fair-chase' principles, unfair to the animals, and other hunters."

Another reason hunters see the use of aircraft as so unfair in our state is well said here.

Bye the way, of other laws on OnlyInYourState's list, this one is also odd, "You may not take a picture of a rabbit from January to April without an official permit. It seems no one can say why this was ever in effect in Wyoming, yet it is still law."  No can even say if that law was ever enforced. Meanwhile no one here will ask if this fabulous pic was shot only in a month from May to December.

David McNew, Getty Images