Bison seem like they're really nice and people feel they're just big ol softies, but they're wild and huge with quick tempers. If you've seen any of the bison attack videos, you've noticed they turn violent very quickly.

You may wonder why you see us posting so many videos of bison or bear attacks...we do it as a warning to those that think it's a good idea.


Honestly, there's no reason that people haven't learned their lesson yet. Deaths, critical injuries, fines and jail time should surely be enough to get the point'd think anyway.

We get it, it's an exciting adventure and for some a once in a lifetime chance to see the wildlife. Is it worth a horn in the gut, concussion or death? No it's not.

There are some situations where these animals and their curiosity can surprise people and you really never know for sure where they're going to turn up. Could be a campground, the middle of the road, around a tourist attraction like Old Faithful or maybe showing up on a jobsite.

No matter where they turn up, stay away from them. It's really simple actually. Bison approaches, move the other way. Definitely don't pet the fluffy cow, cause the majority of the time it's not going to turn out in your favor.

Check out this video from the public Instagram page, Bison.Forlife_, of a couple workers petting a bison. One is just fine, then the bison has a change of attitude toward the other.

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