Homework is one of those things that comes with school. You go to school, you have homework, you do it (hopefully) and carry on with the rest of your day. The other day, my daughter came home with a few sheets of homework that was to be turned in by the end of the week. It's enough homework to easily add two hours of work at home, which also means two extra hours that my wife or I will have to attend to helping her. When will she have time to just be a kid?

Yesterday's schedule included her waking up early for school, coming home to do homework for a few more hours, eating and then going straight to bed. She didn't have time to do any arts and crafts. She didn't have time to play outside. It was schoolwork at school, then schoolwork at home. She's in the second grade and is already lamenting how she doesn't like going to school because it'll just be more work.

Last year, our teachers even gave us a week's worth of homework during spring break. Although it came with an apology, it still had to get done on time.

I hate to pull a 'back in my day' rant, but I didn't have homework until I hit middle school. Now, our kids are getting used to waking up early, doing their very best at school, doing more schoolwork at home and having that be the norm. Trust me, I don't think the teachers like this any more than the kids to. They have a plan they need to follow and any extra homework is just extra time they need to put in late nights and weekends to grade all of these papers.

Here's the way I look at it. If I work extra hours at home, that's called overtime and I get paid extra for it. If schools want to hand out homework, then it should count for extra credit.

What do you think? Should our kids have homework as they need all the extra help they can get or do you think they should ease up and let them free after school?