There are lots of contests on the primary ballot Tuesday the 19th, and plenty of names to sort through.

Courtesy of the Natrona County Elections Office, here are the candidates for both parties, and offices you will find on the ballots in our area along with the terms they'll serve.


United States Senator 6 years

Democratic William Bryk

Democratic Al Hamburg

Democratic Charlie Hardy

Democratic Rex Wilde

Republican Thomas Bleming

Republican Arthur Bruce Clifton

Republican Mike Enzi

Republican James 'Coaltrain' Gregory

Republican Bryan E. Miller

United States Representative 2 years

Democratic Richard Grayson

Republican Cynthia Lummis

Republican Jason Adam Senteney

Governor 4 years

Democratic Pete Gosar

Republican Taylor H. Haynes

Republican Cindy Hill

Republican Matt Mead

Secretary of State 4 years

Republican Ed Buchanan

Republican Pete Illoway

Republican Ed Murray

Republican Clark Stith

State Auditor 4 years

Republican Cynthia I. Cloud

State Treasurer 4 years

Republican Mark Gordon

Republican Ron Redo

Superintendent of Public Instruction 4 years

Democratic Mike Ceballos

Republican Jillian Balow

Republican Sheryl Lain

Republican Bill Winney



Senate District 27 4 years

Republican Bill Landen

Republican Kara Rae Linn

Senate District 29 4 years

Republican Bob Ide

Republican Drew Perkins



House District 35 2 years

Republican Kendell Kroeker

Republican Ed Opella

House District 36 2 years

Democratic Pam Brown

Democratic Eric Nelson

Republican Gerald S. Gay

House District 37 2 years

Republican Gregory Flesvig

Republican Steve Harshman

House District 38 2 years

Republican Tom Walters

House District 56 2 years

Republican Tim Stubson

House District 57 2 years

Republican Chuck Gray

Republican Thomas A. Lockhart

House District 58 2 years

Republican Tom Reeder

House District 59 2 years

Democratic Laurie Longtine

Republican Bunky Loucks



District Attorney

7th Judicial District 4 years

Republican Michael A. Blonigen

(3) Three County Commissioners 4 years

Democratic Mike A. Gilmore

Democratic Terry Wingerter

Republican Jacquie Anderson

Republican Brian T.M. DeVault

Republican Robert L. Hendry

Republican John Lawson

Republican Janel Moore

Republican Todd M. Murphy

Republican Paul O. Paad

Republican Stephen "Steve" Schlager

Republican Ellen Young

Assessor 4 years

Republican Connie Smith

Clerk of District Court 4 years

Republican Gen Tuma

Coroner 4 years

Republican Connie Jacobson

County Clerk 4 years

Republican Renea Vitto

Sheriff 4 years

Democratic Steve Gaylord

Republican Gus Holbrook

Treasurer 4 years

Republican Tom Doyle

City of Casper Contests

Contest Term

Ward 1 - City Council 4 years

Kimberly Holloway

Robin Mundell

Gabriel Phillips

Ward 2 - City Council 4 years

Shawn Johnson

Paul L. Meyer

Shey Snapp

(2) Two Ward 3 - City Council 4 years

Phil Jones

Shawn Manning

Ray Pacheco

Kenyne Schlager

William C. Street



Mayor 4 years

Patrick Ford

Jerry L Petty

(2) Two Town Council 4 years

Joshua Bake

Robert William Hoover

Teri Kelly



Contest Term

Mayor 4 years

Phil Hinds

(2) Two Town Council 4 years

Walt Berens

Ernest R. Blackford

Michael Botkin

Joseph A. Knop



Contest Term

Mayor 4 years

Marrolyce Wilson

(2) Two Town Council 4 years

Seth Coleman

Kris Muggenburg

Ruth M. Pitts

Mary Ellen Renz