No, it's not an innuendo, I want to know how the stockings are stuffed at your place. Take the poll and let me know.

I ask because a memory popped in my mind the other day. I used to work at a drugstore that sold holiday merchandise, as most do. One time an old lady came up to us and said she was never shopping there ever again because she was so angry. We got this pretty regularly, even though they almost always came back the next day. Asking why she wasn't returning to our store, she explained that in her house it was Santa who stuffed the stockings while pointing out we had an entire aisle dedicated to stocking stuffers.

Naturally, if Santa stuffed the stockings, we wouldn't need to dedicate an entire aisle to said project.

In our house, it was our parents who stuffed the stockings. Kind of an appetizer to the family gift exchange. I know everyone has different traditions. What about your place?