When it comes to comic book supervillians, there are many that we to love hate. So many great actors have given life to incredibly creepy characters.  In fact, when we wanted to find out which supervillian is Wyoming's favorite - we realized that the question was to broad.

With the record setting release of the new 'Black Panther' movie, people are already touting the evilness of Michael B. Jordan's character - Erik Killmonger.  Some even are referring to his role as one of the best supervillians of all-time.  But since it's a new release we doubt most folks in Wyoming have had time to see it as of yet, so we won't make that comparison - yet.

But there is one supervillian that we believe everyone in Wyoming is familiar with, Batman's nemesis 'The Joker'. That's when we started debating which actor or voice actor has best portrayed the villan?  Our opinions are split and so we need your help!

In your opinion - Which actor has best portrayed the 'Joker' on the silver screen or in cartoon form?

Thanks for letting us know your opinion! We'll let you know the results next week!

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