There are many legendary saloons here in the Cowboy State. Some of them even have a few bullet holes behind the bar.

Amazingly, one of Wyoming's most historic watering holes proudly boasts 56 bullet holes in its building.

Since 1893, the Cowboy Bar and Outlaw Cafe has hosted thirsty gunslingers, bandits, gamblers, vagabonds and tourists in the tiny town of Meeteetse.

In its early days, Meeteetse had seven saloons, 11 brothels and no local police. When they finally established a police department, someone burned down the jailhouse.

It was also home to Robert Leroy Parker, who once lived in a room upstairs at the Cowboy Bar before changing his name to Butch Cassidy.

Along with the Hole in the Wall Gang, many other infamous characters have bellied up to the Cowboy Bar, including Buffalo Bill Cody, Tom Horn and Kid Curry.

During prohibition, the saloon served whiskey disguised in milk containers.

In 1939, the "Tarzan of the Mountains" Earl Durand eluded authorities for several weeks in the nearby Beartooth Mountains. One of the men Durand killed during the search was a man he had known from the Cowboy Bar years earlier.

In 2010, a nationwide manhunt ended in Meeteese after escaped killer Tracy Province was spotted drinking at the saloon.

Needless to say, this Outlaw Saloon has definitely earned its name.

And those are just the stories we know about it. If only those bullet-ridden walls could talk.

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