It is no secret that construction is just one of Casper's two seasons (along with winter). Now that the temperature is starting to cool down and school is back in session, the construction areas seem even more annoying than ever. With that in mind, here are the areas we think are the most inconvenient.

1.) Poplar Bridge - This one is pretty bad especially around the noon lunch hour and after 5:00pm when people are getting off work. The construction itself isn't really the worst part. It's actually all the drivers that think their time is more important than yours, so much so that they don't follow directions. For more information on that, click: here.

Ian Delap, Townsquare Media

2.) Eastridge Mall - This one is a super pain, because if you forget about it, you'll end up having to drive blocks out of your way to use a different entrance, which usually just leaves you upset at yourself for not remembering in the first place.

DJ Nyke, TownSquare Media

3.) McKinley Street & 25th Street - This is a very busy intersection, so this one sucks because of all the detours you have to take to get to some of your favorite destinations (the YMCA, Casper College, etc.). That fact that it stops all four directions makes it even worse.

DJ Nyke, Townsquare Media

4.) 1-25 - This one is probably the most mammoth of the current construction just on the sheer size of the work being done. When you're used to doing 60 mph on the highway, being reduced to 45 mph stinks, but even worse is how long it takes to even enter via the on-ramps.

DJ Nyke, Townsquare Media