The website recently published an article titled The 50 Things That Each State is Absolutely the Worst At.  They analyzed nationwide statistics and found at least one thing that each state ranks last in.

Some of the results were funny.  For example, Utah is the nerdiest state in the country. According to a survey, Kansas has the least attractive scenery of any state.  And our friends across the border in Nebraska have the least amount of furniture in their state.

Some of the results weren't so funny.  Colorado has the highest rate of cocaine use in the nation.  Montana has the most traffic related deaths, per capita.  And here in Wyoming, we have the country's highest suicide rate.

Here's a few more highlights from the article.  Alaska has the most cases of chlamydia, per capita. Folks in Arizona are the least likely to regularly visit a dentist.  Idaho has the rudest drivers. And did you know that Massachusetts was the first state to ban happy hour?  Check out the full list here.