The two-woman mayoral race is making Wyoming history. That was one headline I saw. If that means the fact that a woman has never been elected mayor in Cheyenne, that is history, and for those who say that is sad, I agree.

I also believe the 1900s have been over for a few years. One of the two candidates, Amy Surdam, said she did not expect this, in reference to a female mayor. That it seems all but sure to happen, she's “impressed.” I’m not sure if I’m impressed with how that was meant, if she’s really that impressed. I wanted to talk to some others around our media building, some who know Amy, because I didn’t want to just judge. I don't just have an attitude toward an attitude here. I asked if others thought “impressed” was a statement on a backward Wyoming town.

I do take it as Amy's admission things really have changed, and that is worth noting. I'm not saying she sounds like she'll miss having old boys to complain about.

The answer from my co-workers was that she definitely was making a statement, but that she might be impressed for a real reason. In Amy's defense, I was told, “We've always had an ‘Old boy network.'” I said, “Ok, but if we still had just old boys, could there possibly be two females beating them now?”

I say it is high time we had a woman as mayor – if she's the most qualified. So part of the reason we’ve never had a woman mayor is because of "old boys." I just think that part of it is also because there just wasn’t one who impressed us enough - until now.

As leader of the Downtown Development Authority, if she can get downtown straightened out, we will be impressed. In fact, maybe we’ll elect her governor if she can pull that off.

I just hope she doesn't bite on any more gender questions so emphatically.