The national food website recently released a list ranking the "Best College Bars in America".  Their choice for Wyoming's best college hangout was the Front Street Tavern in Laramie.

With all due respect to the Front Street Tavern, which is well known for their incredible cocktails, this list got it wrong.

For starters, the article suggests that "Laramie isn't known as a party town".

Clearly, they've never been to Laramie.

They also misunderstood what it means to be a "college bar". The Front Street Tavern caters more to professors and graduate students than broke college co-eds.

Wyoming undergrads aren't sipping mint mojitos during happy hour, they're doing shots when the trains pass behind Lovejoy's. Or chugging PBR's at the Ruffed Up Duck, or day drinking craft beers at The Library, or bellying up at the 3rd Sreet Bar, or playing pool at Mingle's Lounge or busting bad dance moves at the Cowboy Saloon or making bad decisions at the Buckhorn.

Which begs the question: What do you think is the best bar for University of Wyoming students?




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