I was perusing through Facebook, and came across a story on ChaCha.com about different beers, and what they say about their drinker's personalities. While I have been gravitating more to the wine side of the alcohol scale, I still enjoy a nice, cold Budweiser whenever I get a chance. Usually, I'll be jammin' with my buddies, doing some work around the house, or stop off for a cold one with the guys after work. According to this article, being a Budweiser drinker means:

You prefer the blue-collar, workingman, populist classics, and you drink Budweiser as the simple, God-given blessing to mark the end of your hard-earned day. A life without work, daily challenges, and a paycheck is not life worth living. A few cold Budweisers are reward enough until payday rolls around and the sun rises on a new work day.

My interpretation? Apparently, I'm some broke dude who works his butt off, and looks forward to payday. Oh, and I love to work more than I love life itself.

Well, it's mostly right.

Hit the link below to see what your beer says about you. Agree? Disagree? Tell us about it in the comment section...