You ever see that family at the restaurant with a kid that's being a total butt-hole? You know, the kid that's screaming because he doesn't like his sippy cup, or the one running around bugging the other patrons, or the one who is just being a butt-hole. Those are the signs of bad parenting.

Before you start telling me it's not your fault, or give the excuse "what are we supposed to do, never go out?!?", let me explain. If you're kid's acting like a douche, your job is to correct them. If that means not taking them in public until they understand appropriate behavior, then so be it. If that means taking them out to the car for a spanking, so be it. You're job is to raise a functional member of society, not some spoiled little puke who gets what they want by acting up. Their behavior is your fault. I know, I've been there...and my wife has raised to great kids.

What characteristics make a good parent? Check out the answers below, then give us yours in the comment section...

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