Weezer are going back to basics with their upcoming album, and frontman Rivers Cuomo said they plan to take a similar approach to support the release by playing it front-to-back on a six-city tour of "relatively small venues."

In an interview with KROQ, Cuomo said Weezer will celebrate the Sept. 30 release of their 10th album, 'Everything Will Be Alright in the End,' by treating fans to a string of very special performances.

“This is something I’m very excited about," said Cuomo. "For the first time when our new album comes out, we’re actually going to go out on a little tour and play the new album front to back in relatively small venues for all the hardcore fans that already know the new album and want to hear it and know all the lyrics and want to sing along."

Cuomo said the album, produced by Ric Ocasek (who was also behind the boards for 1994's classic 'Blue Album'), was written especially with fans in mind. "There’s actually a few moments for crowd participation where, towards the end of the album, there’s a choir section that comes in," he said. "So we’re thinking of having nine guys and nine girls come up from the audience and put on Weezer robes and they can be the Weezer choir.”

Although no dates have been formally announced, KROQ points out that shows are scheduled for the Glass House in Pomona, Calif., and the Troubadour in Hollywood. Check out the lead single, 'Back to the Shack,' in the video below: