Although I meet the medical defnition of "obese", I prefer to think of my rotund frame as "husky". And I love living here in the great state of Wyoming.

However, according to a new article from the travel website Thrillist, the Cowboy State isn't the greatest place for us portly people.

In a recent article titled "The Best States in America To Get Fat", Wyoming ranked 49th, just behind Delaware.

"There's so much steak (in Wyoming)! Problem is, you had to slaughter the cow yourself, and that kind of activity really keeps pounds off," the author joked.

North Dakota, South Dakota and Alaska rounded out their picks for the worst states to get fat in.

Due to the overwhelming popularity of their deep fried cheese curds, Wisconsin was ranked as the funnest state for potbellied persons.

Lousiana, Texas, Pennsylvania and Tennessee round out the five best states for fleshy food lovers.

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