When I saw this on social media, I thought it was some sort of hostile takeover of Jeb Bush's political website, but in reality... it's not.

The website domain 'jebbush.com' was originally created in 1997 by a company in Australia.  Then in 2008 it was acquired by a website hosting company fabulous.com, who still owns the web URL according to several web searches for site ownership.

The URL - jebbush.com was never  used to point to the presidential campaign site for republican candidate Jeb Bush.  Jeb's political website is - jeb2016.com.

Take a look as I show you where the URL jebbush.com actually links to on the web.

Donald Trump denies any involvement in the redirect to his campaign website, but some think he or someone in his party had a hand in making this a reality. Either way, I found this funny and hope you did too!