There are worse things you could be doing with your time other than watching a Mule Deer Fawns playing and growing!

If you're not able to be out in nature and see some of the incredible sights, Wyoming Game & Fish has done some of the work for you with strategically placed cameras to give you the chance to see nature without disrupting the animals.

Every year during late spring and early summer, new deer fawns are born. Many times adult Mule Deer will have twins and the babies will hide for the first few weeks of their lives to make it harder for predators to find them. Once they start to grow, they are lively and full of energy. Usually going through the whole summer relying on their mothers for nutrition and protection. By fall time, the babies are weaned off and start fending for themselves. During mid to late fall is when deer rut happens and the mothers will become pregnant again. The yearlings usually stick around with mom until spring when mom forces them away so she can give birth of a new round of babies.

During the first couple months of life, the baby deer learn the basics of how to survive in life from their mothers. During that time, they're active and enjoy running around playing between resting and nursing.

If you've never watched deer in their natural habitat, here's your chance to kill about 10 minutes and watch these youngsters bouncing and running around in the Snowy Range Mountains. Over the course of a month, you can surely tell a difference in the maturity and size of the yearlings.

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