Some videos get all the attention, and it is not always for the best reasons. We searched YouTube for the videos about Wyoming that have the most amount of views. There is a common theme of bad weather, but the most viewed video is pure fiction.

There are so many different ways to search YouTube. There is the basic key word search. After that you can filter the search even more by the upload date, duration, and features. Plus you can filter how the list is sorted. That's how we found the videos with the most views. We filter so you don't have to. You are welcome.

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    i-80 Wyoming big accident involved many trucks and cars

    This is a video of a pile up on icy I-80. It happens all to often. In fact, this is not the only video of I-80 on this list. This video was published on YouTube on April 20th, 2015.

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    Department of energy substation transformer explosion in Cheyenne Wyoming

    1 million views over 7 years

    In the description of this video, the officials claim this fire was caused by a squirrel. We can't verify that as a fact, but the video as grainy as it is, is a spectacle to behold. Darn squirrel causing a ruckus.

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    I-80 Wyoming massive car pile up. April 2015

    1.1 million views in a year

    This I-80 pile up video got a lot of attention. The YouTuber got tired of people criticizing her video making skills. Even though she held her phone in portrait mode and not landscape mode, she did catch the nasty action that is I-80 in the wintertime.

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    Video INSIDE a tornado! Goshen Co, Wyoming - June 5, 2009

    1.5 million views in 7 years

    The wind in Wyoming can create tornadoes, and this video is of some storm chasers recording a funnel cloud in Goshen Co, Wyoming.

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    Wyoming Coal Trains

    Nearly 1.7 million views in 8 years

    Bazinga! This video doesn't fit the mold of this list. It is the only educational video. It doesn't have any wrecks or nasty weather. It is just about trains and coal. I think Sheldon Cooper would approve.

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    Wyoming Insane Hail Storm & Funnel Cloud

    Over 2 million views in 2 years

    The photos of this storm have been floating around the web for some time. We can't verify that this is the original video, but it does have the most views. And - WOW - that is one big tornado. There's no place like home. There's no place like home.

  • 1

    The Wyoming Incident (Original Upload)

    Some have called it an urban legend. Some say this story is nothing but fiction. There are videos of the Wyoming Incident all over the internet. There are even documentaries. It starts off as a newscast that is interrupted by a cryptic message. It then unravels in to a crazy fragmented story.

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