2012 introduced the world to a loveable group of rednecks that built duck calls and love to hunt...yep, I'm talking about 'Duck Dynasty'. The show created a new wave of celebrities like Uncle Si, Willie, Jase, Jep, Phil, Miss Kay, Justin Martin and John Godwin! To this day they're still travelling country, spreading the good message and loving the outdoors. Duck Call builders John Godwin and Justin Martin make it a point to come hunting and fishing in Wyoming as much as possible.

For 5 seasons we all tuned in to see what kind of antics the group from Louisiana were going to get into. Even though they've been off TV for 4 years, you can still find the same group of cast members doing the exact same things they did on the show. Hunting, fishing, joking, doing good deeds and filming. Duck Dynasty may have ended, but Duck Commander (the actual name of the company) is stronger than it's ever been.

On the Duck Commander YouTube Channel, you'll find videos of all your favorite cast members doing the things we all watched each week to see. One of the show's lovable, fun and happy stars was John Godwin. John was a longtime friend and employee of the Robertson's before the show boosted him into fame. Every year Godwin & Martin come to Wyoming to do some Whitetail Deer hunting at Seven J Outfitters in Sundance, WY and is getting ready to return for another hunt. Just a couple days ago, John highlighted his 2020 hunt and the Wyoming buck he harvested.


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