The best part about getting presents is ripping off the wrapping paper. Lingerie is exactly the same.

The folks at Buzzfeed once again have their "try guys" testing out women's unmentionables. This time, they're donning a few pieces of sexy lingerie. While the guys look and sound uncomfortable, the end message is the same - us men want to see our ladies in a sexy outfit.

Sure, some of these "outfits" can be complicated and uncomfortable, but I think I can speak for all men when I say, it's well worth it. Ladies, you don't have to wait for special occasions to let your inner freak out. Sexy lingerie is a great way to randomly show your man that you're willing get dirty while looking hot as heck.

I will say, though, don't let your man rip it off right away. You took great pains to squeeze into a few pieces of string, so make sure you get as much satisfaction from your lingerie as we do.