The entertainment world has suffered its fair share of great losses in 2016 and not just in the music community. Back in late March, legendary comedian Garry Shandling passed away at the age of 66 from a massive heart attack, and audiences at the Bonnaroo Festival this weekend were treated to a surprise tribute. Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder and comedian/director Judd Apatow collaborated on a special song meant to honor Shandling.

The performance took place in the comedy tent, prior to Pearl Jam's performance at Bonnaroo. As seen in the fan shot footage below, Apatow reveals that Vedder penned the song, then showed it to Apatow who was surprised when Vedder asked him to sing it with him.

What follows is a mix of Vedder's touching tribute with Apatow delivering Garry Shandling one-liners and eventually Apatow singing a verse as well. You'll hear Apatow offering Shandling jokes like "I shaved one leg so it feels like I'm sleeping with a woman," "My friends say I have an intimacy problem, but they don't really know me," and "My mom wants me to have kids, just not with other people." After the song was complete, it got a huge cheer from the crowd in attendance. Watch it all play out in the fan-shot video above.

Apatow was the master of ceremonies at Shandling's memorial service back in April.

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