This is a tale as old as time... THESE ARE WILD ANIMALS. Yes, it is cool to see them in their natural habitat but that doesn't mean that they are cuddly and that they won't hurt you unprovoked.

When I was younger walking to and from school out in P.V. I saw many deer while making my way to school. Even at a young age I knew just how dangerous these animals could be and was never tempted to get up close and personal with them.

So that's why it amazes me to see all of these videos online of grown adults thinking that they are safe being within mauling distance of deer/elk/bears/snakes. Whatever kind of wildlife is in the woodland areas.

I will repeat myself once more for those who haven't grasped the concept yet. Do not get this close to these animals unless you want to end up in the back of an ambulance making your way to the nearest hospital for a puncture wound.

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