As far as bright ideas go, well, this isn't one.

A woman recently jumped over a fence and into the tigers' pen at the Toronto Zoo before quickly returning to the other side.

The woman in question, who apparently has no idea that tigers have a bit of a temper, was reportedly trying to retrieve a hat that fell inside the enclosure.

Fortunately, a second fence separated the tiger from the hat-hunting woman, but, probably shouldn't bother risking your life in the name of a hat. Just deal with the sun until you get home. Or, better yet, go to the gift shop and buy a cheesy baseball cap.

A lot of the stunned witnessed in the above video (note the NSFW language) probably feel the same (you can hear one man calling her a "moron" for her actions).

The zoo is investigating the matter. A spokeswoman said, "It's not unusual that visitors may drop things [inside an animal's pen], but when they do, they should notify zoo staff because they have the necessary equipment to help retrieve it."

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