I've driven past numerous runaway truck ramps during my journeys through the mountains, but have never seen a truck use them - until now. There's a new video showing a semi that lost its brakes hitting a ramp in the mountains of Colorado.

The YouTube description says the guy that captured this video on his phone was Jesse Terrell. He saw the trucks brakes smoking and knew they were burning up. The driver had his turn signal on indicating he was gonna try to hit the ramp if at all possible.

I've driven this stretch of I-70 many times and this ramp is just east of Silverthorne, Colorado with the ramp circled on the map.

Google Maps

This is what the truck ramp looks like when there are no trucks on it.

Google Maps Street View

My jaw dropped a little bit when I saw how far up the ramp this driver's velocity took him. Good thing he and his truck hit this ramp and didn't go on down the mountain into Silverthorne. That probably would not have ended well.