When you think of bears and wolves, you think of them both being predators and not getting along. We see here in the video below that it's not always that way!

This time of year the bears are eating constantly and always looking for an easy meal. Sometimes that way of thinking doesn't sit very well with the wolves in Yellowstone.

I can only imagine what wolves are thinking when a bear crashes their dinner parties. I'm sure they know that they'll only be competing with the ferocious bears for a little while longer, then they'll be top of the predator food chain when the bears hibernate.

This video taken by Yellowstone regular Gary Gaston and posted on the Yellowstone National Park Facebook group shows a lone bear walking through a pack of wolves and not really caring. While the bear is travelling through, a lone wolf that is collared and known as Wolf # 1229F, begins to escort this bear out of sight.

You wonder if this is the way it normally is, or if the wolves are just tolerating the bears like you would your older big brother when you know they're going off to college in a couple weeks. Watching the way the bear and wolf interact, you can tell they've had a few encounters with each other. Some may have even been fierce battles, but on this particular day all seemed to be ok in universe and a game of follow the leader was what happened.

Either way, this video shows that what we assume happens in the park isn't always accurate, but they whole ecosystem really does work together to make it.

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