It's true that bison can be fierce when humans get too close. But, a new video shows they can also be incredibly playful as one Yellowstone winter tour group learned.

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I saw this shared on YouTube and also by Cindy Shaffer on Facebook. It's one of the guided tours through Yellowstone National Park that is available during the winter months. The bison decided to have some fun with these winter strangers.

The second bison that becomes visible in the video got in front of the vehicle and then pretended to throw down a challenge.

Cindy Shaffer via Facebook
Cindy Shaffer via Facebook

The reaction to this big guy on YouTube has varied from funny to being a bit testy.

chumdoggie - "Playful bison having fun in the snow. It's as if he knew he'd get a laugh out of them. 😊"

Elda Uribe - "Leave the animals alone! Can't they just see them from afar! They are NOT there to amuse you."

In defense of the tour group, this is one of the official tours offered by Yellowstone so they're not really intruding. Plus, these bison seem to enjoy the company.

Never a dull moment in Yellowstone National Park...even in winter.

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